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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Story:love and trials






Life story from

In an early life, during the time of our great grand fathers, it is said that love can make you go extra miles for you to get what you want, then it is said that you can only get a girl of your like but you have to go through a lot to convince her.... 

But today 

The modern age has changed a lot of things, girls even go after men by them selves ,they can even confess their love in front of the man they like... 

Speaking from experience, girls of today do not recognize the symbol of love, they don't wait to be of age before they start making out decisions..... They do not understand what marriage or love is all about but they rush into it.... Which because of their decision may end up building a family which she could not handle...... 


Here our story starts

There was a girl, she was my friend from childhood, we use to play, joke and watch cartoons together... 

Later she and her family relocated to another province, which we knew nothing about. me and my dad stayed alone through out my days at college.... Later, after college, I went on vacation to a province which is a bit far from my home....getting to my new place, I found it difficult to adapt to the new environment because everyone there are new to me and strict people too..... So I had three weeks of sleepless nights, the fourth week I decided to take a walk around the province, which I certainly don't know where exactly to go but I knew I had to go out. So I  took off, firstly I went to a baseball field hoping to get use to my normal game life but  turned out bad.... So I went back home.

Getting close to my house, I saw this beautiful girl next door, she is tall, dark and slim.... Her face looks familiar but couldn't recall a thing about her.... So o decided to skip it off my mind... 

And that's how I spent another day without making any new friends....  

Next day early in the morning,I was woked by my aunt who doesn’t have any free time,always at work, Saturdays is for home chores and Sunday she rest and prepare some work stuff for Monday, so she hardly stay at home.

So she woke me up and it was a beautiful Monday morning until I found out that I had to go on an interview of new music class she registered for me…

So I decided to hurry up and prepare so that she can drop me on her way to work. Meanwhile I didn’t knew that the next door girl is also going for the same music class and she had to ride with us, so we took off,everything was fine for about 30mns of ride, until my aunt started asking her about her personal life, where she’s from, we age and parents details, some how I wasn’t enjoying the ride but while she was explaining every details,I chose to pay attention. So after about 1hr ride, here we are,the music class environment, “it’s called summer school class” she said, looking at me, I felt so uncomfortable looking at her too but when she asked me what was my name, I knew I got to be a man and there I looked at her the first time, “Elvis Donald “ I said, she stared at me like some minutes,I’m Bianca Kendrick, then we dashed out of the car, waved at my aunt and went in to the building.

There I was able to talk to her.. “so what are you doing here?,here for the same interview? “ I asked. She said no!, I’m already a student already,she showed me the interview hall and went her way, so I went back stage in search of my interview agent with the name “wills angelo”….after set and done, everything was good and cool, waiting for badge for the interview to show on the billboard, I had stayed like an hour, already tired and feeling sleepy, I was about to sleep off when I heard my name “hey, Elvis “,I turned to see her again, “hey” I replied waving at her,” what are you doing here “ i asked .she said doing my job “pasting something at the board “,so I stood up to take a look, there it’s the interview list of admitted students, I tried looking for my name when she asked me to follow her, so I hurriedly followed back, getting to the extreme of the floor,she turned and said “don’t touch any thing, don’t make a noise and bow when greeting anyone “,I was still lost in thoughts, until she pinched me and said “snap out of it, smiled“,that was the greatest smile I ever seen in my life .

We went inside and boom my mind skipped out, there were a lot of students, I never imagined it with the view I’m seeing,”Hi” they all said looking at me, remembering what she told me about greetings, I bowed and said “hello, followed with my name” other introduction was done and that’s How I started my first day at summer school.

After class we went to the nearest bus station,since my aunt can’t make it, we had to take a taxi home

So while waiting at the bus station, we had a chat about today’s class and how fun it was, she was mean to know how many friends I had made today, It was fun talking to her, it was like the conversation is taking much time and interesting too ,I was about to ask her about her childhood life and her other memories out of this province but unfortunately taxi arrived, so we dashed in and never had any other conversation till we got home. She came down, waved at me and went in straight to her house, meanwhile when she was telling my aunt about her parents she mentioned something like “my dad is an ex. Military,so I didn’t mind going inside my house and I didn’t border to ask her about it the next day.

Next day we saw each other was on the Halloween night, we celebrated it at the province, everyone was very excited, all neighbors turned up and with many Halloween costumes, some scary, some are good to look at.

So we sat at the balcony staring at the sky, waiting for the first person to talk… I couldn’t because I was in deep thoughts, trying to remember her from my past, “are you just going to keep staring at the sky all night “ she asked looking at me, then I decided to ask few questions, my first question was asking her the name of city they lived before relocated here, she couldn’t answer

So I asked her if she remembered any of her friends over there, she said Deborah Scott, I stared at her for a little while before asking her if she could remember her best friend’s name, “I didn’t know his real name “ she said but we called him “YDB”…AND DAMN THAT WAS MY NICKNAME AS A CHILD

So I decided to show her my childhood pictures but unfortunately her mom called her saying her dad wants to see her. So that was how we spent the night, other events we didn’t participate…

The following day was class, but she didn’t ride with us and I didn’t see her at class. Same thing happened everyday for a week, so the situation got best of me, I was worried, if not for the feelings I have for her then at least I should be worried as my class mates, friend and the following morning I decided to go check out on her, getting at her door I saw her dad at the garden, so I went to him.”goodmorning sir” I greeted, he looked at me like a weird animal so I got scared to talk.

Then I forced the words out, I’m Elvis Donald and I’m your neighbor, also your daughter’s class mate.

I haven’t seen her at school like a week now, so I’m here to check on her, is she at home sir?

He answered by nodding his head, but she is not felling good since last week he said, can I see him sir? I asked looking worried, No! I’m sorry but you have to stay off my daughter and mind your business OK?

I nodded and went back to my house worried..

To be continued next week 

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