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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Prof Ben Nwabueze is no longer one of us--IPOB


A constitutional lawyer,Prof Ben Nwabueze in an emotional hug with the PDP Presidential candidate in the forthcoming presidential election in Nigeria,Alhaji Abubakar Atiku,as the latter arrived Enugu for a meeting with leaders of thought in Eastern Nigeria.

It seems the old man was moved to tears during the hug!..

"Source from indigenous people of biafra"

Prof Ben Nwabueze is no longer one of us--IPOB 

Professor Ben Nwabueze is no longer one of us. He has joined the enemy camp. 50 years of embracing every Fulani presidential candidate that comes to Enugu with a bag of foreign currency has never yielded anything positive for our people. 

Every promise and declaration Prof. Nwabueze made to IPOB leadership he has broken. From insisting that nobody should meet him for peace with IPOB unless the terrorist tag is removed to agreeing to extract written binding commitment from Atiku to return Nigeria to the regions (1963 Constitution). He failed on all these fronts. 

He is still an elder and father but his romance with Fulani One Nigeria and mortgaging Igbo interest on mere empty promise from Atiku is unacceptable. They have been endorsing every northerner all their lives for money, contracts and appointments for themselves and their families.

Please don’t insult him or use rude words to address him because it’s not his fault. He was deceived by blood sucking Igbo demon politicians. We simply avoid him and not talk about him anymore. He is somebody we can defer to anymore. 

Hugging Atiku like a child in need of his mother is an unforgivable insult.

IPOB Leadership..

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