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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Love and trials ep:2




The following morning, I wasn’t able to wake up on time because I spent my night thinking about Deborah and what her dad told me. So my aunt woke me and was surprised about my attitude since last night so she asked, “what’s bothering you Elvis, since you have been mud?”, is there anything I should know?, do you have problems at school? she kept asking .

I had no other option but to open up, despite the fact that Deborah’s dad told me to mind my business. Aunty I’m worried, since last week Deborah has been off school and I haven’t seen her around the province, I tried checking on her but her dad warned me to stay away from her daughter, aunty please can you help me out, at least find out if she is OK,I pleaded .

That day I didn’t go to school, i decided to stay back home and see if Deborah would show up or if her dad would leave house but none of this happened, when my aunt came back home I pleaded again,this time with my emotions attached, she stared at me surprisingly and didn’t know what to say, “I promise you that I will check out on her and if anything is wrong between her and her parents I will resolve it, if that will make you happy “,she said. But I know perfectly well that it will take her too long to handle that, because she is a busy lady, but I know that she will fulfill her promises to me.

Another week passed by, no signs of Deborah and no sign of my aunt doing anything as promised, but during the weekend Deborah’s mom went out with someone but from my view she looks more different from Deborah, “that might be her kid sister “,I thought this by myself, Elvis! Elvis!!, I heard my name from the compound but I thought it was because of my too much thinking, Elvisss!!!,the voice came higher this time around so I decided to take a look outside, as I opened up my door, guess who I saw!, Deborah’s mom holding some package wrapped with tape. “Good day ma’am “,I greeted ,come in ma’am . “No, I don’t have much time dear”,she said sounding nice, here Deborah said I should hand you this package over and she said you should take care of it,she handed me over the package and went back to her house.

Having a package from Deborah made me so happy even though I didn’t know what’s inside the package, so I decided to open the package but on the process I found out that there was a written note on it, so I opened the note first.

“dear Elvis Donald,

            I’m not supposed to be writing to you, but after being informed that you were worried about me and that you visited my house, it in Courage me to OK take this action without my dad’s approval, I want you to know that I’m not feeling good but I’m certain that it will be OK. And about the question you asked me on Halloween night, yes I remembered my childhood friend’s real name, his name is Elvis Donald Walter nickname “YDB” because he was so dumb and always afraid to talk to strangers, I couldn’t forget him even after relocated, take care of your self and learn a lot at school because when I’m good to start school, you will be my tutor.

                                                                                            Yours sincere

                                                                                                        Deborah 💌

I couldn’t help but think about her and our childhood memories,” what could be wrong with her “,that’s the thought on my mind now. I even forgot about the package and while I was in deep thought I felled asleep


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