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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Amazing sketching window app you need

1. Invert Colors

Not many of us know, but MS Paint lets you invert the colors of an image, which means the light colors in the image become dark and dark colors turn into light ones. You can invert the colors of the entire image or a selected area. If you want to invert the colors for an entire image, click CTRL+Alt -> right click your mouse and select Invert Color and if you want to invert colors of a select area, select the particular area and then click on Invert Color. The image with inverted colors looks like a negative image.

2. Transparent Background
Images with transparent background are easier to merge with other images. MS Paint lets you cut and copy a selected area of an image with a transparent background. To cut or copy a selected area with a transparent background, click on Select–> and click on Transparent Selection from the background. Now select the Free Form Selection, carefully mark the outline of preferred area and cut or copy as desired.
3. Clear Outlines

We sometimes want to shade a picture in Paint but are worried about the messy line-work. So this trick helps you shade freely without worrying about the outlines. Open the image in MS Paint, zoom it out completely and copy it to the clipboard. Make sure your selection is transparent. Zoom in the image again and shade out freely without worrying about the outlines of the shape. When done with the shading and other editing, hit paste or CTRL+V. Bang on! You are done!
4. Change the brush size

While painting you might need the brushes of different sizes but MS Paint has a preset size of all its brushes. No worries, you can easily make the brush larger or smaller as per your requirements. Select any brush you want and on your keyboard tap CTRL plus ‘+’ to make it larger and CTRL plus ‘-‘ to decrease the size. This works for Pencil, eraser, line and spray tool as well.

 5. Trace a pic in Paint
Select a picture you want to trace. Select black color in the color swatch and start outlining the picture. When done, press CTRL+A and invert colors. Now click on File tab and select Properties in the drop-down menu.

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